Create NYC Wins Agency on the Rise Award.

Healthcare Execution Agency Recognized by Prestigious Manny Awards

NEW YORK (April 27, 2021) – Create NYC, a leading healthcare marketing agency, was named the Agency on the Rise at the 32nd annual Manny Awards. The Manny Awards, presented by Med Ad News, is one of the most respected creative award celebrations in the healthcare marketing industry.

Create NYC was recognized for the agency’s exceptional year, commitment to Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion (DEI) initiatives, and support of their 100% virtual staff. Led by an all-female, 6-person tenured team (all of whom are mothers), Create NYC saw its revenue increase by 36% in 2020 while executing tactics on more than 100 pharmaceutical brands, including blockbusters Xeljanz and Opdivo.

“This incredible win is due entirely to our talented team,” said Natalie McDonald, founder, CEO, and president. “As a leadership team, we could not be prouder of our agency’s work to create value for our clients while demonstrating resiliency through an unprecedented year.”

The climb in revenue was only part of the story. Create NYC also reinvigorated its 10-year commitment to both its staff and DEI, particularly with the agency’s working mothers who account for nearly 50 percent of all staff.

“In 2020, our moms faced an incredible burden, including managing work, children, homeschooling, health, and basic tasks like grocery shopping brought on by the pandemic,” said McDonald. “To support them, we committed to do things differently. We are providing mental health personal days, workshops, monthly resources, optional 1-on-1 sessions with a child life specialist, a grocery/meal allowance, and mask shipments for families while initiating the company’s first DEI working group.”

The agency has been 100 percent virtual since being founded in 2010. The agency provides employees with an annual wellness bonus of $1,000 that they can use for various wellness, spiritual, and philanthropic programs to support their health and communities.

Create NYC is a different kind of advertising agency designed to execute core healthcare tactics more efficiently than other agencies. They thrive on executing tactics in a cost-effective manner with immediacy and creativity. In 2020 alone, the agency executed more than 2,000 tactics, including 170 websites, 600+ emails, and 170+ social pages and posts.

Create NYC has received widespread recognition, including being named an MM+M Top 100 Agency, a PM360 Trailblazer, a SmartCEO Corporate Culture winner, and an MM+M Best Place to Work.

Create NYC, acquired in July 2018 by UDG Healthcare plc, is part of the recent relaunch globally of its network as Ashfield Health.

About Create NYC
At Create NYC, tactical execution matters. Create NYC is a different kind of advertising agency that is built to execute core healthcare tactics efficiently. The agency thrives on getting tactics done cost effectively with immediacy and creativity. Since its founding more than a decade ago, Create NYC has been 100 percent virtual. Today, their scale and impact on efficiency is unprecedented, with timelines that are 50 percent shorter than other agencies.

About Ashfield Health
ith more than 1,500 team members, Ashfield Health (part of UDG Healthcare plc) is a global health communications network ready to take on the challenges of today and tomorrow. Ashfield Health services span big pharma, emerging pharma and biotech, animal health, consumer health, and healthcare delivery. For more information about Ashfield Health, or to learn more about its specialized agencies, visit

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