Meet the Create NYC Leadership Team

Our leadership team includes industry veterans, each with a unique background and skill set. From years of experience in healthcare sales, marketing, and advertising, to key roles on both the client and agency sides across disciplines, we ensure our service delivers on our value proposition.


Natalie McDonald


Natalie has brought new meaning to the word efficiency in supporting pharmaceutical brands. After years of experience in leadership roles selling, marketing, and advertising the largest brands in the world, including Lipitor and Nexium, Natalie saw the market rapidly changing. Leveraging her insight from both the client and agency sides, Natalie founded Create NYC, an innovative on-demand agency, to service the healthcare industry. She has worked to apply her skills to an increasing number of clients and brands ever since, overseeing details of all 3 key advertising and marketing services for Create NYC. 


Lauren Wetmore


With deep expertise in strategy and creative execution as well as a robust knowledge across promotional channels, Lauren has worked in virtually all therapeutic areas to engage consumers and HCPs in every stage of a brand's life cycle. Her expertise at Create NYC centers on leveraging this experience to partner with her clients in finding the right tactics to drive brand strategy in the most efficient manner possible. Prior to joining Create NYC, Lauren worked at Lawrence & Company where she led clients in all aspects of agency brand management. She started her career at Saatchi & Saatchi Healthcare Communications and as an intern with Pfizer, assisting in the launch of Lyrica and Exubera.


Sue Cohen


Sue has years of corporate experience that help define Create NYC's infrastructure. Starting off her career as an internal auditor, Sue worked across operations and finance in many capacities ranging from compliance to system development. In her current role, she manages all aspects of Create NYC finance. Drawing from her industry experience, Sue actively supports the agency, helping to define everything from processes to future partnerships. 


Katie Vecchiano Sutherland


Katie has years of experience in the pharmaceutical industry developing multi-channel strategies for HCP and consumer targets. Her experience includes launch planning, designing multi-channel campaigns for personal and non-personal promotion, relationship marketing, post-LOE strategy and measurement planning/analytics. Katie is responsible for new business development at Create NYC, focused on aligning brand strategy, needs, and opportunities with Create NYC core services and capabilities. 


Maria Perez


Maria brings nearly 2 decades of experience to her role at Create NYC. Her previous experience spans a diverse array of industries, including multimedia (Time Warner), consulting (Prismark Partners), finance (Goldman Sachs), and pharmaceuticals (Pfizer). This broad experience allows Maria to bring a unique perspective to her role at Create NYC as she defines and leads the agency's operations processes. Her role involves ensuring creative operations are efficient and effective by defining new processes and refining existing ones to set business strategy and day-to-day creative operations. 


Christen Ruble


Christen has a way of making great design look effortless, producing clean and sophisticated work across multi-channel campaigns. Her experience across hundreds of brands contributes greatly in her role as Director of Creative Operations in which she manages our Creator Hub of over 200 members. As an expert on the healthcare industry standards with a relentless drive for quality, we count on her to oversee creative operations and to inspire our entire agency.